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All prices are displayed as NET USD.  Please contact us at info@promotionalbookservices.com for bulk orders.

Bulk orders are considered when more of 500 copies of any one title is ordered.


Where is FOB?

Nationwide Book Industries LLC.

336 Weir Street

Taunton, MA 02780


What are remainer books?

Remainders are publishers' overstocks and book store returns.  When the publisher receives returns or identify an ovestock position on certain titles, the publishers "remainder" the returns and overstock and sold to wholesalers like ourselves.  These books are typically sold at greatly reduced prices.

Are the books remaindered marked?

Yes, all books on this site should be assumed remaindered marked.  Although not all publishers mark their returns or overstocks it should be assumed that the product is marked.  We do not mark the books ourselves, publishers do to ensure that these books do not get returned as new stock again.


Can you break up my order and drop ship it to different customers or multiple addresses?

No, each ship to address must have its own order.


What if I have received damaged or defective books in my order?

We will refund the portion of the order for the damaged or defective books.  Notice of damages or defective merchandise must be communicated within 7 days of receipt of order.  Please contact info@promotionalbookservices.com and note "DAMAGES" in the subject line.  Please include your order #, Company name, Name, and the specifics of the damage.  I.E. title, quantity damaged, nature of damage. 


What are my payment options?

We accept credit cards processed through PayPal and Google Checkout, in addition to pre-approved customer PO's.  Checking out using PO's: user must have an wholesale account with Nationwide Book Industries, LLC. 

If you have an excisting account with Nationwide Book Industries, LLC. - you are pre-approved.

If you wish to open a wholesale account with Nationwide Book Industries, LLC; please send request to info@promotionalbookservices.com.  We will be in contact with you with 48 hours.



What are my shipping options?

We ship our products around the world, using a variety of shipping options and delivery methods.  The total time it will take to receive an item is determined by adding the processing time, transit time.  Please note: shipping internationally is subject to additional transit delays due to any number of reasons.

Dependent upon the size of the order, LTL shipments (mostly for PO submitted orders of more than 300 books at a time) will be used.  Actuall shipping charges will be assessed to the order. 

Wholesale account may elect to provide us with their UPS / FedEx collect account and any freight charges that was charged during the checkout process will be refunded if paid by credit card or will be deleted if ordered via PO checkout.


How to Calculate when an Item will be delivered

Shipping Availability time + Delivery Method ship time = Total delivery time.  On average shipping availability times are between 24-72 hours but can take up to 14 working days in the event a title is backordered.


Canceling or modifying an order:

Please contact us at info@promotionalbookservices.com .  Please note that orders are typically processed the same day.  Larger wholesale orders may take up to 10 days to process.  To cancel your pending order, please send us an email to info@promotionalbooks.com with the subject line "CANCEL ORDER" or "MODIFY ORDER", please include your order number and contact information.

Orders must be canceled within 24 hours as most orders are processed the same day or the next day but can take up to 14 woring days.  If your order has already been processed, we can not complete the cancelation.  In such event, when the product is delivered please contact us to make the necessary arrangments.  Please note, all freight or postage charges will not be refunded, this includes to and from.



All books are sold non-returnable and non-refundable.  In the event that the book was received damaged and or received an incorrect item, we will resolve and credit accordingly.  Please contact us at info@promotionalbookservices.com .


How do I view my order status?

Viewing your orders history and status is easy.

Step # 1 - Log In

Step # 2 Select Accessing my account in the Navigation Box on left

Step # 3 In the Order Information Section select the order # you would like to view and press "VIEW"

Order Status will show the current status of your order. 


How do I maintain or modify my account?

Select Accessing my account tab in the navigation box.  You will be able to view your order history, add-modify-delete any shipping address and modify your account information.


Special Situations:

Weather, natural disasters, and other events beyond our control may affect, shipping and delivery times.  If conditions are serious and expected to last longer than a brief perod of time, special instructions may be added to Checkout pages.

Correctional Instituions:  If you are shipping to a correctional institution, we urge you to pay careful attention to its regulations and procedures.  Facilities differ on the items they permit, shipping methods that may be used, and how to address a package.


Is my order confirmed when I place the books in my shopping cart or when I submit it?

No, sending an electronic order or placing books in the shopping cart does not mean that your ordered product has been confirmed.  All orders are subject to final approval.  Although the site uses real time inventory tracker and as all products are available in limited quantities, it is not uncommon for certain quantities or titles to be no longer available upon submitting an order.


Safe Shopping Guarantee:

Under federal law, a credit card issuer cannot make you liable for charges in excess of $50.00 that result from the unauthorized use of your credit card.  There are similar federal laws that relate to debit cards.  Exceptions do apply, and you will have to comply with the rules of your credit card or debit card issuer, so plleae contact your card issuer for further details.

Please be advised, promotionalbookservices.com does not guarantee the continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to the site or any related servies.  The operations of the site may be interfered with numerous factores outside the control of the site.

All credit card payments are processed through PayPal payments Pro and the site does not keep any credit card numbers on file.



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